Jonathan Powers

About Me

I'm a software engineer who creates audio- and music-related Windows applications for the PC.

I compose orchestral music both for publication and the theater (interstitial music). I have also worked as a sound designer for Actors' Theater of Washington, Ganymede Arts, The Foundary Players, and Vienna Theater Company.

Software Projects


"Quill" is the codename for a software tool for composers that is currently in development. It deals with music notation (like a score-writer) and with MIDI data (like a MIDI editor) but is tailored specifically for the needs of composers.


I expect to have several spin-off applications appear during the development of the main application, and will probably be offering these for free. Some examples are applications that print staff paper, easily record audio and MIDI data, and several music education applications.

Blue Player

Blue Player is a karaoke player that plays MP3/CDG (MP3+G) files.

NOTE: Development on Blue Player is currently suspended. It may resume in the future (and be released) if "Quill" reaches a point where Blue Player can be developed as a sub-project within it.


NOTE: The CDG-decoding module that I developed for Blue Player is available for purchase. It is fully compatible with the CDG specification and highly efficient (written entirely in assembly language). Contact me for details at 202-258-1841.

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